Alto Mail이 단종된다는 소식을 받았습니다. 안드로이드에서 그럭저럭 쓸만했는데 말이죠.

어째서 항상 잘 쓰는 건 금방 사라지는지 안타까울 따름입니다.

Dear Alto friends, family, and fanatics,

We want to let you know the Alto team will be shifting its focus to something new and exciting as we become one big happy family as part of our new organization, Oath. With these changes, this unfortunately means that Alto Mail is shutting down.

Innovation and product development continue to be what we do, and we plan to incorporate many of our learnings and technologies across current and future products and experiences.

On November 9th, we will remove the app from Google Play and the Apple App store, and it will no longer be possible to create new accounts at that time. Then, on December 10th, we will discontinue support for all existing Alto apps.

It’s been an amazing journey and we are grateful for your help in making Alto your go-to mail product. Please continue to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts so we can keep you in the loop on our next great idea.

You will always be 5 stars in our hearts.

Sincerely, The Alto Team