When I first started shooting videos of penspinning combos 1, I was told to use this piece of software called amcap. EVERY SINGLE penspinners in Korea use this software, and it didn’t cause problem much since Windows is dominant in Korea, especially among teenagers.

Until, I came in.

Since Amcap doesn’t work on MacOS2, I had to find another way to shoot the video.

First try, QuickTime: didn’t work. Too choppy, like 10fps.

Second try, Amcap with WineHQ. Amcap needed additional library/dll etc. lacked in macOS, or OSX.

So I had 2 options; a video capturing application that shoots video in 30fps on macOS, or an application that tunes my webcam settings.

I went through possibly every free application I could find on the internet3, and some paid applications that were included in bundle sales I purchased in the past4, but none of them actually worked.

So I ended up finding application that tunes my webcam settings, and here’s what I found.


Once you install and run the application, this application give you plenty of options to modify your camera settings. Here’s screenshot of setting I use.

This way you can shoot video 30fps on your macOS.

p.s. Another benefit of using this method: you save a lot of space. The size of video rarely exceeds 200MB. With Amcap method, it exceeds 1GB with only 5 minutes of video, and it required additional video conversion process, since it save video in mAVI format.

  1. in fact I started spinning when I was in middle school, that is 2005, but didn’t shoot videos until 2012. 

  2. OSX back then 

  3. it almost took 2 full years. 

  4. btw these inlcuded Camtasia Studio and Screen Flow