What is NPDS?

NPDS is a community for Korean Penspinners. It stadns for Naver PenDolSa.

What is going on?

In NPDS, there are two top moderators. We called them Cafe Manager and Sub-Manager. Mr.LSC is in charge of Cafe Manager and Gcode was Sub-Manager. Currently Kipple is in charge of the Sub-Manager and he has nothing to do with this serial of incidents.

A few months ago, the Manager, Mr.LSC, posted an advertisement about a toasted-sandwich store run by a friend of his. The reason why it caused such controversy was because it was strictly stated that anyone posting something that can be regarded as advertisement will be expelled permanently, even the moderator. When asked to explain his behaviour and apologize, however, he kicked members out abusing his position as Moderator.

Since then, there’s been conflict between moderator and members of NPDS, and today, Mr. LSC announced that all teams in NPDS are broken up by today and pleaded -how ridiculous- any member that wouldn’t agree with moderator will leave the community1.

Moreover, previous Sub-mananger Gcode mentioned “if you don’t like the church or temple you’re attending, just leave”2. How thoughtful of him comparing penspinning with religion. Maybe he’s too clever to understand what community is, or maybe he’s confusing community with communism, isn’t he?

Why am I writing this?

As a previous member of NPDS, I’m asking my fellow penspinners not to regard NPDS as a penspinning community anymore. And trust me, it’s not. It’s more like a business market for Mr. LSC to sell pens and parts for an insane price.

Also I ask you not to purchase any items from PenspinStore. I recommend using Penwish or Pensfactory. I can assure you’ll get far better experience as they can communicate better(since both speaks English very fluent) as long as you’re not native Korean speaker, and most of all they are WAY cheaper than Penspinstore. For your information I’ve brought price comparison of Black HGGs among three of these stores.

Sum up

NPDS, previous Korean Penspinning community, has been so degenerated that it can no longer function as penspinning community and should not be considered as penspinning community, anymore. Thank you for reading.

  1. I’ve saved as PDF format, for archive purpose. download here

  2. download pdf here