HandBrake 0.10.5

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we can no longer include binary distributions of HandBrake which include the FDK-AAC encoder.
The LibAV AAC encoder remains present

Release Highlights

  • The FDK AAC Encoder is now disabled in the build system by default and will no longer be included in our binary releases. (Affects Windows and Linux Only) For more information, see our announcement regarding this change.
  • Updated x265 to version 1.9 which brings performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Few minor bug fixes, including improved handling of large AVI files. Upgrade Notice:

If you are using a version earlier than 0.10.0 please note down the settings for any custom presets as these will need to be re-created for the new version!
You should allow the queue to complete fully before upgrading!

System Requirements:

A 64bit Intel Mac running 10.6.8 or later.
A Windows PC running Window Vista or later with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed