Version: 1.5.1

Release date: 2016-02-22

What’s New in 1.5


General: 64 bits Windows version! General: iOS 9.3 compatibility Localization: added Arabic translations, thanks to Mr. Ahmad ALUJAHNI Accessibility: complete review of UI compatibility with screen readers, on both Windows and Mac Device Management: added new function “Erase All Content” to the contextual menu of devices listed in the sidebar Device Management: added detailed battery info to device advanced info window (“Get Info” button) License Management: added “Retrieve Activation Number” option to the License main menu Music: added “Only show transferrable media” checkbox’ Music: added “Purchases” and “Apple Music” smart views Music: the device music library view now also reports wether a track is a purchase or an Apple Music track, and wether it is locally available on the device Backups: it is no longer necessary to connect a device in order to extract data from an encrypted backup Backup Browser: extracting data from encrypted backups is now much faster Backup Browser: current backups for devices listed in the sidebar now appear in bold Backup Browser: much improved browsing speed Backup Browser: added “Apps” section to mounted backups Backup Browser: extract apps from backups as .imazingapp files Backup Browser: add apps (.imazingapp files) to backups Backup Browser: remove apps from backups Backup Browser: remove entire domains from backups Backup Browser: encrypted backups are not readonly anymore File Browser: access application shared containers directly from the Apps view File Browser: UI improvements (Windows)