1Password for Mac

The latest version of 1Password for Mac is 6.0.2.

There have been 31 releases since 1Password for Mac was first published on 2013-10-04. Below are the release notes for each version.

6.0.2 (build #602004) - Released 2016-02-08

Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow last week, heralding an early spring for North America! While we’re glad to know that warmer weather will be upon us soon, it doesn’t change a simple fact: 1Password never hibernates. As always, we’re hard at work fixing issues and improving things based on your feedback. We’d like to give a big thank you to everyone who reported issues and sent us crash reports.
We love to hear from you! To provide feedback or get in touch with us, please join us in our discussion forums, email support@agilebits.com, send a message to @1Password on Twitter, or leave a comment on Facebook!

Full Changelog


  • We added a preference that allows you to control which vault is opened when you unlock the app. {OPM-3750}


  • Autosave now has a better understanding of which sites to avoid.
  • Improved the wording on the warning panel that comes up when attempting to update 1Password if multiple instances are found on your Mac. {OPM-3668}
  • The Everyone and Your Vault vaults in 1Password for Teams have been renamed to Shared and Personal to avoid confusion.


  • Fixed a rare issue where secondary vaults could fail to be unlocked when 1Password was unlocked. {OPI-3343}
  • Fixed an issue that caused 1Password mini to not show Logins on certain site variations. For instance, it would show on amazon.com, but not amazon.co.uk.
  • Fixed an issue where certain Master Passwords with non-Latin characters could fail to function correctly with 1Password for Teams. {OPM-3723}
  • Fixed a hang when entering the wrong Master Password when offline and using iCloud Sync in the AgileBits Store version of the app. {OPM-3725}
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Option key to not reveal passwords in 1Password mini. {OPM-3640}
  • Fixed an issue that caused anchored 1Password mini windows to lose their contents after unlocking. {OPM-3729}
  • Fixed an issue that could cause settings such as “3rd Party Integration” to fail to stick. {OPM-3732}
  • Fixed an issue where unlock could hang for a long time if syncing to an unavailable Network Storage Device. {OPM-3677}